Credit Consulting

If you would like your credit repaired, you can hire a professional from Creative Solutions Group to do it for you. Having a better credit score can improve your quality of life in numerous ways, and it is always beneficial keep your credit score high and your debt low!

Credit Repair

Save time and your credit score! We at Creative Solutions Group have over 15 years of experience repairing credit for a variety of clients. Repairing your credit could be the barrier between you and the reality you are striving for:

  • The home of your dreams
  • Car you’ve always wanted
  • The job you need capital to complete
  • The funding for your business
  • Many other big purchases!

How is Credit Repair Done?

Since credit laws are very complex and have loopholes, creditors often make mistakes and create unverifiable items on your credit report. We at Creative Solutions Group are trained in the credit law, and are pros at finding these errors in your credit report. By removing inaccurate items from your credit, we can safely and legally raise your credit score.

Credit Repair Pricing

Step 1: Consultation: Free

Step 2: Create Plan of Action

Step 3: Repair Credit
Pay per Delete or Flat Fee (below)

$300 or $600
3 month / 6 month*

*Term Length depends on your credit status, and we at CSG will be able to consult you on what is reccomended.

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