Bad Credit or No Credit?

We Can Help!

Credit and Financial Solutions for Individuals and Families.

Bad Credit or No Credit?

We Can Help!

Credit and Financial Solutions for Individuals and Families.


How Does it Work?


Contact Us

First you will need to contact us by clicking here and tell us a little about your credit or finanical situation. Some of the services we can best help with can be found here.

Setup Initial Consultation

We will have a 10 minute phone discussion to consult your financial and credit status.

Discuss Plan and Implement

After consultation and acceptance as a client, CSG will create an individualized strategy plan to correct your financial situation. Our process is ongoing and built to suit each of our clients.

Your Advantages

What can you get with a better credit score?


Lower Interest Rates

Save money every month on your bills since interest rates can be lowered!

Grow a Small Business With Capital

Get loans on your business credit without affecting your personal credit.

Better Car Insurance Rates

With a good credit score, you’ll pay less for insurance than similar applicants with lower credit scores.

Easier Approval for Rental Homes and Apartments

Having a bad credit score will harm your ability to rent an apartment or home!

Get Approved for Credit Cards

Higher limits and cash allowances gives you the money that you need now.

Better Chance of Loan Approval

Grow your investment potential, either for you or your business.

Our job is to make your financial journey as simple as possible.

With over 15 years experience in the credit repair and finance industry we have helped numerous individuals and business owners raise their credit score and correct their finances via funding options.

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